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Blog entry (current project) 5–4-2019

Here is a project I just did for a really nice couple in the Mt. Pleasant area. They wanted me to replace a stove top appliance that had a cracked top and also replace their sink.

Below are the old pictures of the stove top, it's hard to see, but the stove is cracked in one of the corners. The other picture is the plumbing of the old sink. I forgot to take a picture of the old sink itself. I just get to working and i forget to take pictures, ugh.


Below are the new pictures of the stove top and the new sink. I had to cut out the counter top to accommodate the new sink. I also had to redo the plumbing with new pipe because the old plumbing pipe did not match the newer sink.


Blog entry 4-24-2019

This is a little plumbing project I did for a customer of mine. He had an outside spigot freeze up on him and it burst the pipe. Originally there was no shut-off valve in his basement, so I added one in. Below are the pictures of the work I did.

My Image

Blog entry 4-16-2019

This is a little electrical work I helped my dad with. I say helped, but I pretty much did it all, ha. He's going to put a pole barn out back and wanted to run electrical to it. I told him I could help him with it.


Blog entry 4–3-2018

My last job was in Midland, just doing some minor fixes to gutters and decking. I also installed a 4" retrofit light in the downstairs bathroom. The clients were happy, and said they'd definitely call me back if they need anything in the future

light out

Blog entry 3-28-2018

So, this past weekend I did some work, but i forgot to take pictures. I kick myself in the butt for not taking pictures. Well, I did take some pictures of the before work of what I had to do, but not the "after" pictures. It was a pretty simple job, just had to replace a kitchen counter tile, shore up a reinforce a lazy susan turn style, attach a piece of door trim that was coming loose, and replace drawers rail that had broke in a bathroom. Below are the pictures of the "before", and like I said, I forgot to take pictures of the "after". The clients were happy and said they will use me for later projects when they have them.


Blog entry 3-19-2018

lake city before
lake city after

These pictures are from a project I've done recently. It's pretty basic simple stuff. I put up some new lights and a fan for an individual in their garage. It was little different in that this person wanted "half-hots" to plug in all their lights to receptacles which were then operated by a switch. The wire was already ran before I got there, I just did the make up and made sure everything was working properly.

The pictures below are I had to punch through a cinder block wall and install a new cut-in two gang box. The original box was the old school metal boxes (which I don't like). The home owner wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but I assured them that it was going to be ok. Everything turned out beautifully. I was pretty quick on this job and actually did more work than what the homeowner was expecting.

back side cinder block
cut in box front
cut in box front made up

Blog entry 3-8-2018

My family and I have recently moved back to Michigan and getting adjusted back to the cold, brrrrr….. Not a whole lot has changed in the sleepy town of Coleman since I've been gone. I've done quite a bit of construction in my life time and am very well versed in Electrical work and moderate experience in HVAC/Air-con systems.

I'm looking into investing into real estate and if anyone out there is looking for an investor or a syndicator please feel free to let me know by contacting me.

Thanks for checking my services out and checking my website out. I really appreciate it!!