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I am not licensed to do any electrical, plumbing, HVAC work.

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    I have two main ways I do pricing: HOURLY OR BY THE JOB
    Sometimes I'll do a barter with people or work something out, but it's mainly hourly or by the job.


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    Danny & Lorrie

    Jared was really nice to work with. We had him install a chandelier in our dining room and put a tv and tv mount in our living room. He was very proficient and professional. We would trust him to do any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC/Air-Con needs that we have!


    Chuck & Joanne

    We used Jared as our on-call handyman for our AirBnB rental property. As an out-of-state landlord, it was important to have someone we could trust and be confident in, in all areas of maintenance. Jared was always ready with his tools on short notice, and took care of electrical and plumbing issues without a hitch. He also did a difficult and major rewiring of our Condo. He is truly a pleasure to have in your home, and a confident dependable worker. We will miss him now that he has moved back to Michigan.



    I've worked with Jared on multiple jobs, and has always done a superb job in every task we've ever done. His work was always neat, clean, and done correctly the first time. Jared has integrity which is refreshing to find in a tradesman. If he makes a mistake he'll admit and fix the mistake on his own dime and time. After working with Jared for 3 years, he's only made one mistake that I can remember. He's not perfect, but he's about as close as they come!! I'd recommend him for any job that I need help on!!


    jr in australia

    So, that's me. I've been able to do some traveling in my time. I believe that's when I was doing some work for the University of Miami over in Australia if I remember correctly. My family and I reside here in Michigan where I was born and raised. Doing Electrical and HVAC work has allowed me to help others and also helped me to grow in knowledge. Along the way I picked up some carpentry skills and plumbing skills, and now here I am……..CNM Handyman.

    Something else….I'm a huge board gamer. If anyone likes to play board games feel free call/text/email me. I would be interested in starting up a board game group. I also sell and rent board games. Check out my store on boardgamegeek.com @ https://boardgamegeek.com/geekmarket/user/romanjjamdg

    mommy and baby at beach
    me holding baby

    This is my wife and baby, They're both a happy bunch!! Of course the other picture is of me and the kiddo. I use to live in the Austin area, but moved away for a few years. Currently, we're living in the San Marcos area and we are enjoying the community here and are glad to be a part of it!!